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Chris Drews Is Leaving “The Laker” But He Is Way To Young To Retire!

Photo by Gary Hatrick

I have known Chris Drews and his family since they arrived in Zephyrhills many years ago. This Indiana Hoosier now a Southern Gentleman (Redneck) has become the face of many East Pasco organizations and has and still represents them well. Chris is the type of guy that doesn’t sit on a Board just to get name recognition. He is the guy that, many times, asks the tough questions. He is there because he believes in the organization and wants to truly make a difference. He has touched many organizations in a positive way including Florida Hospital Zephyrhills, the Greater Zephyrhills Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club of Zephyrhills and the American Cancer Society to mention a few. He has been instrumental in helping to bring business to this area and has helped those in business to grow. He is a master fundraiser helping not only those mentioned but Zephyrhills High School and Pasco High School by not only talking the talk but walking the walk. He is not always the front person but you can be assured that he is involved in some way to help others. I have seen him fill heavy coolers with ice and lug them to the truck by himself, get cases of water, chase around town getting donated food to help Cancer survivors and spend countless hours in organizing, planning and carrying out events to help others. Chris has had a successful career with the Zephyrhills News as Publisher and The Laker handling major accounts. If he was not providing leads to some of the reporters, he was covering stories that make a difference to this area himself.  I went to a Media Party with Chris and some other friends at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival and the Queen of the festival was quite impressed with his skills as a Wordsmith. He learned quite a bit from the Queen as well. Ask him about it when you see him around town. This area is not losing Chris to some other area. He will be here and involved, like always,  supporting the area that he calls home and loves. He may escape with his lovely wife Connie for a much needed vacation to the Keys someday. But, he will return and he will be involved. All the best to my friend Chris Drews as he turns to the next chapter of his life. Your contributions to this area have been noticed and appreciated.

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