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Pirates & Pets at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival Mar 2nd & 3rd

Check out the Weiner Dog Races

The Bay Area Renaissance Festival theme for this upcoming Saturday and Sunday is Pirates and Pets. Come check out the Pet Festival, Weiner Dog Races, Pet Demonstrations, Pet Costume Contest and Perfect Pirate Contest.

Patrons can interact with hundreds of memorable characters roaming the village streets as well as view live armored jousting throughout the day. Come celebrate our newest season by visiting the Festival grounds this year. Huzzah!

Oh, if you donate blood this weekend at the festival you will get a free ticket and you will help save a life. Also if you bring 4 cans of food to the festival you will receive a BOGO voucher. The festival is located on Fowler Ave and 46th street across from the University of South Florida. Hours are 10am – 6pm and parking is always FREE.

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